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Document Tree Navigation
Dokmee DMS allow you to view 200 document/folders in the document tree in the file explorer. If the end user have few hundred documents or folders within the root of the file cabinet it is very easy to navigate using the document tree but the challenge is for the end users that have thousand of document/folders withing the root of the file cabinet. For instance, if the user have 10000 document/folder and Dokmee only display 200 at the time then the user have to press 50 times the ">> next" button to display in order to rich the desired folder. I will like to propose that Dokmee should allow the user to jump from the first two hundred document to any other set "200 documents" by just allowing the end user to change the number within the selection |<< <<1 of 50 >> >>| and also when the user scroll down to the end of the Document Tree list, Dokmee could automatically populate the next 200 document/folder.

Luis Sierra shared this idea 06/09/16 12:54
Luis Sierra 04/10/18 08:38 flag comment
This functionality will be available in version 7 by using dynamic folders and paging navigation.