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File Relationships
Ability to have relationships between files through a related file type, for example, Quote can have payment record, delivery note etc as related files.

Hameed Hasan shared this idea 29/05/16 02:23
Laken Thomas 24/06/16 09:37 flag comment
Excellent recommendation! A parent/child relationship can be useful in various industries. For example when creating job packages for a refinery/construction company you an build the entire package with the work instructions as the parent and the supporting documents can have a "relationship" so that all files are managed independently and can be revised as needed(such as drawings & procedures).
Martin Nguyen 19/08/16 09:13 flag comment
This feature has been placed under review. Ticket 11553 has been created.
Charoen Sanpawanitchakit 06/03/18 04:25 flag comment
This could be very useful for forms as well. For example, a user opens Form A file, then an instruction and other supporting documents for filling out Form A should be available at a mouse click (without having to search for them).